Kathy has been an absolute light in my life! Her compassionate, yet no nonsense style of coaching was just the loving kick in the ass I needed. While working with her I was able to tune in to my inner knowing, keep focused, pull my desires together and make them happen! I launched my coaching business, restarted my photography business and am FINALLY writing my book! 

She has always believed in me, loved me, supported me and helped me see my true potential while digging deep to uncover some blocks I wasn't aware of and find the courage to start again. 

She helped change my life and I am forever grateful!
I really loved that Kathy looked at my
website during our first session - 
It gave such a hands on approach that
I feel really benefited my next steps.
I also truly liked the positivity
 from the session as it has motivated me to make changes to my coaching
 session costs and offer more packages
 rather than coaching per session style. I no longer offer individual clients sessions. It has totally changed my business! I now get a different type of client who is committed to the process of evolution and transformation.
If you want to shorten the pain on this [launching an online coaching business] (especially if you're brand new to any kind of online coaching business models), be good to yourself and hire Kathy Haan...
Kathy is bright, smart, kind, and giving! I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet and work with her! She understands and is an expert at creating the life she wants! She loves helping others create their dream life. She is very genuine and real, yet honest and kind! She is beautiful inside and out!
I wouldn't be where I am today without Kathy's guidance, support, and tough love when I need it. She helped me step more fully into who I am meant to be. Since working with her, I've booked over 80 speaking gigs!
Kathy has been such an inspiration - watching her journey from where she was to where she is now -- the incredible mother, wife, and leader of her tribe has changed my life for the better. 
Kathy came out on the other side of these incredible life experiences to show up so brightly, hungry to meet the world and the people in it, to really listen, to be present so purely is a testament to the work she's done spiritually. Through her self love, hard work, and passion, there's no doubt she will take those teachings to help those who need her guidance. 
Wow! is the first word that comes to mind when I think of Kathy. She is a force that taps into the force in her clients and draws it out gently but intentionally. She is competent and artistically draws her clients to their own place of knowledge and inner strength and then skillfully guides them to the point of releasing the greatness in them. She is dedicated, creative, passionate and gets the job done. Thank you for believing in me and helping me to make my dream a reality. It has been a pleasure working with you!
Kathy is an incredibly motivated and dynamic coach. Not only does she offer invaluable advice, but her passion for life and helping women is contagious! I love her energy and her ability to zone in on an issue and offer a smart and creative solution. She is always honest, kind, and full of encouragement!
I received so much clarity from working with Kathy. She has a great way of simplifying things that we have made into big problems into our heads! Before I knew it, I had a clear strategy and action plan to keep me playing at a new level in my business, and to not allow myself to shrink back into normality. I would recommend working with Kathy to get you clear and excited about your audience, influence and income!

My life would not be the same without Kathy as my coach. She has taught me so much and continues to do so every time we have a session. The most important piece of wisdom she has given me is if you ask for it, you will receive it. Ever since implementing that mantra into my daily life, I have seen myself grow and flourish.
I felt listened to, understood and Kathy helped me answer my own questions by asking me the right things (which really helped me understand things better). This was so much more effective than if she had said 'I think X is going on here because...'. Instead she prompted me with the right questions getting me to arrive at answers that I knew were true because I felt them.
It was this amazing mix of kind of therapy with business coaching. Perfect for me and what I need!
She was brilliant at reading between the lines of my questionnaire and in what I was saying. Several times I thought "how did you know, that's exactly what I feel!" She's very intuitive.
I felt heard and like she genuinely cared. She had read my answers and absorbed them, taken the time to think how to help me.

I've worked with several coaches and Kathy is hands down one of the top 2. This is not just me "being nice".
 I know she would tailor her sessions to each person based on their needs. I know no one is perfect but from my experience with coaches she is just amazing. Her mixture of mindset and business is just right for me.
There is so much I could say about Kathy. Her abilities, professionalism, attitude, and presence are beyond anything I've ever experienced. Hiring her as my coach, she was able to help me towards my goals using varied techniques. Kathy has always been there and understood what it was like to have depression, anxiety, and coming from the bottom so she was able to coach me and help me on a personal level to navigate my through some tough times in my life. Kathy is in a class all her own. She cares and is number one, in my opinion, to help anyone succeed in both life and business.
Kathy is very warm, upbeat, engaging and inquisitive; her energy and professionalism was quickly and clearly felt at the beginning of our session.
Kathy quickly honed in on my analysis paralysis and helped me feel more comfortable about being visible with my message and speaking directly to my ideal client as "one person."
As we talked about the clients I am coaching now and my favorite type of client among them, it became more apparent that in I am helping women transform their lives through the "art of being a woman."
Kathy was very good at keeping me focused on the purpose of my call.
To help grow my client base, Kathy's no-nonsense professionalism helped me expand my awareness of how to do so, how masterminds can be a part of my marketing and how my desire to create retreats could best serve my clients.
Her suggestion to poll my dream clients for what they'd like to see for free opt-in was very helpful.
Kathy was also able to share resources which could help me reach my goals. 
I was very happy with the outcome of working with Kathy - her warm personality, desire to be of service and her professional experience and resources were very well received.
Working with Kathy is one of the best business decisions I’ve made in the last year. She is a classy, inspiring and knowledgeable queen who really does what she says she’s going to do and in a timely fashion. I know that my business would not be in the place it is right now without her direction and guidance.

Kathy is one of the best coaches I've ever had the pleasure of knowing! She is highly skilled at creating creatively-designed programs, retreats, and intensives. She has a passion for people with a heart of gold to deliver beautiful life transformations. I highly recommend Kathy Haan!
From the moment I met Kathy, I knew we would get along very well because she's very professional and is great at communicating. She's a superwoman!
Kathy has been such a wonderful inspiration. She's a great listener. I'm happy and proud to call her my coach and friend. 
Kathy is amazing. I had the honor to work with her and it blessed my life!!
When I can to Kathy for help, I was feeling like I was underwater on how to get the online structures to work and how to set them up. Her guidance was invaluable to me because she also helped me through other blocks in my coaching business that I did not realize I was allowing to hold me back. She is such a compassionate, giving, professional, and open person that I can’t wait to work with her again!
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